The Story Behind Eldershare

When Mr Chan visited one of our nursing homes in KL, our careers, mission, and even lives were about to change.

Mr Chan was a nice elderly gentleman who reminded us of our parents. His wife passed away. His children were working overseas. Overall, he simply didn’t have a lot of people in his life to keep him company and to rely on.

He wanted our help. But, luckily, he was still a mobile, relatively healthy person. A nursing home – hosting mostly bed-ridden people – might not have been the proper place for him.

He needed something different: A community to be part of, people to interact with, people to keep him company, and people to be there for him. But also he needed high-quality care. He needed to better manage his health and prevent any issues.

We then thought of all the other elders out there in the same situation. Those that don’t have anyone to share their time with. Elderly people, like our parents and our grandparents, who deserve to age gracefully. That’s how Eldershare came into being: communities of happy seniors living together.

Mr Chan is now happily living in his apartment with 4 other happy elderly people. He receives daily care, he is social and mentally and physically active. His family gets full peace of mind knowing that their loved one is in good hands.

And now we are doing Eldershare for all of the Mr Chans out there.


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