How Eldershare is Different from “Home Sharing”

How Eldershare is Different from “Home Sharing”

Oftentimes home sharing among the elderly–or even intergenerationally–takes the form of simply renting a bedroom to someone in your home. But an ideal situation is when the home sharer helps with specified tasks, which could include shopping, preparing meals, cleaning the home, doing laundry and more. Mutual support and companionship are the heart of home sharing. It certainly doesn’t replace home caregiving and definitely does not replace the care found in quality nursing homes. It can also be financially beneficial if the people sharing a home can pool their resources to save money on home expenses, food, utilities and other living expenses. It allows all shares to “age in place,” combats loneliness, and helps keep the elderly safe.

Thousands of informal home sharing arrangements involving elderly residents have popped up all over the world, particularly in Europe and North America, where oftentimes financial necessity forces the elderly into home sharing situations. In Asia, where children are leaving home to work–or even moving to other countries–home sharing is very new. And, having roommates is fairly uncommon in Asia among all age groups. However, children with elderly parents, aunties and uncles, or grandparents are facing a new reality that they need a home for their elderly loved ones. For a variety of reasons, though, their own homes which may have children and offer no available space, or allowing their elderly to stay in their existing homes, may not be the answer. While they need someone to look after their elderly, they may not require a nursing home or an assisted living facility, but they still need to be looked after. This brings us to the general downside of elderly home sharing: it’s usually a place for an elderly person to live but it doesn’t provide all that they need to live well. This is where Eldershare comes in.

Eldershare is about sharing and caring. Where most home sharing concepts fail is that they focus on the sharing of homes but not the actual well-being of the elderly person. Caring for one’s physical health, mental and spiritual well-being, and providing for social activities—and importantly preventing loneliness–is where Eldeshare comes in.

We bring together high-quality homes–usually condominiums or apartments–and healthcare, elderly care and wellness professionals to provide a holistic solution for elderly people wishing to live in a shared residence.

We are the only senior home-sharing company that provides twin-sharing or private rooms for rent in higher-end homes that are specially furnished for elderly people. Most importantly, we are a doctor-managed home-sharing company so care is our first priority.

So, we not only find and outfit our residences to be “senior friendly,” we also provide as part of our residents’ monthly rental fee, the following:

  • A full-time, live-in caregiver. Trained specifically in elderly care, our Personal Care Assistants (PCA) are there to ensure each resident has a healthy and productive stay, whether it’s for several months, several years, or longer. They can help with basic activities of daily living, help with errands, arrange doctor visits, organise social activities and much more. They also serve as a “house manager,” ensuring the residence is well-functioning at all times. They also help with meals, laundry and cleaning.
  • Doctor, nurse, and physiotherapist visits. On a regular basis, usually each week, doctors, nurses and/or physiotherapists visit each Eldershare residence to check in on each resident. Our goal is to ensure each resident remains healthy and as issues arise, they can be quickly addressed.
  • Meals. Three nutritious and tasty meals are served each day to our residents. Food that can help elderly people maintain their well being is a priority to ensure our residents live long, productive and rewarding lives.
  • Activities. Eldershare residents participate in a variety of social and physical activities including playing games, reading, watching movies, exercising, taking walks and more. Our goal is to ensure each resident is healthy physically and mentally. We also make sure residents have a lot of time to interact with each other too because socialisation is a key factor in preventing loneliness.
  • Amenities. All Eldershare residences come with cable TV, WiFi, reading material and games. In addition, laundry service and maid service is provided so our residents don’t need to lift a finger. We want them focused on enjoying life and staying active and healthy. Our residences are in higher-end condominium and apartment buildings and most have large swimming pools, gyms, and a variety of other recreational activities. Altogether, this is what we call “ageing with grace.”

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