Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eldershare?

Eldershare is a doctor-managed shared home rental and caregiving service designed for older but active adults. Residents live in large, shared condos where all of their needs are met including having a full-time live-in “Personal Care Assistant” (PCA), healthy meals, doctor, physiotherapist, and/or nurse visits as needed, and variety of social activities on-site or through a variety of trips and tours. Eldershare is managed by licensed doctors, nurses and elderly care professionals. Eldershare combines quality, affordable living with a variety of healthcare and social activities designed to help older people live active lives while getting all the care and companionship they need.

Residents live in higher-end condos in and around Kuala Lumpur (other cities coming soon!), typically in a customised unit for 4-6 people. Each resident has a private or semi-private space with purpose-designed common bathroom, opening onto a central shared common area containing the dining area, living area and activity space. Unlike nursing homes, residents can come and go as they please, but their families have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are being looked after.

Is this a nursing home?

No, Eldershare is not a nursing home. We don’t provide the type of intensive service, equipment or clinical activities typically found in a nursing home, which is more focused on elderly people with short- or long-term illnesses. However, we maintain the same quality standards as nursing homes in our we care for our residents and our residences are overseen by doctors and nurses who specialise in elderly care.

Residents are generally independent or only somewhat dependent on other people for their daily needs, who for a variety of reasons, no longer wish to live in their own homes or with their families.

If you or your loved needs a nursing home, please let us know as we can help you find a suitable nursing home through our affiliated company.

Who runs Eldershare?

Eldershare is based in Petaling Jaya (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia, and is owned and operated by an international team from Malaysia, Europe and America who are committed to elderly care. Our team consists of doctors, nurses, caregivers, physiotherapists, nursing home professionals, elderly care experts, and real estate experts. For more information, please see our “About us” page.

Why Eldershare?

As all countries, including Malaysia, face growing numbers of elderly people, their housing and care needs are becoming more difficult to address. We found that people want different options besides an old folks home or a nursing home. People want to receive care when needed but still want to live in homey, well-appointed residences for as long as they can. For others, they simply don’t want to maintain their own homes any longer and want someone to help them with their daily activities. Still, others want the peace of mind that someone is looking after them as they maintain their independence. However, for many of our residents, the most important reason they live in an Eldershare home is they seek the companionship of other people of their own generation.

Is Eldershare right for me?

ElderShare’s condos are for older, generally mobile and fairly active Malaysians who are generally healthy but occasionally need the help of a doctor, nurse or caregiver and no longer want the hassle of dealing with cleaning, cooking, and other daily activities. An ElderShare condo is perfect for older, single people who wish to keep more socially active and no longer wish to live alone. It’s also great for the ageing parents of busy professionals and seniors who no longer want the hassle of managing their own homes.

How much does Eldershare cost?

The monthly rental fee for twin-share or a private room in an ElderShare residence ranges from RM2500 to RM3000. There are a variety of rental options available including, 3-, 6- and 1-year leases. In addition, the company offers 1- or 2-week trial period for certain residences or at certain times of the year, depending on occupancy levels. In addition, to the monthly rental fee, a one-month security deposit is required prior to a resident’s occupancy.

What's included in the monthly rental fee?

For a reasonable monthly rental fee, an Eldershare rental includes the following services:

    • High-quality twin-share or private rooms in luxury residences;
    • Regular health checkups by doctors, nurses and caregivers;
    • Daily activities;
    • Maid service;
    • App for communication between caregivers and family members;
    • All meals;
    • Peace of mind.

Additionally, a variety of optional services are offered including physiotherapy, massages, travel/tours, and concierge services.

Are meals provided?

Yes, three delicious and nutritious meals are served each day by our staff. If residents wish to prepare their own meals, they are free to do so, however, meals are included in the monthly rental fee.

The types of meals offered will vary by residence depending on the number and make-up of the residents in a particular residence. However, most meals include a meat or fish dish, vegetables and rice. A variety of breakfast items are also offered each morning. There is usually plenty of room in the refrigerator if residents wish to store some items.

Reasonable special food requests can be accommodated and halal food is offered.

Can residents come and go as they please?

Eldershare residents may come and go as they please depending on their mobility situation and health condition. Generally, we will contact a family member before allowing a resident to go out. For healthier residents, living in an Eldershare condo is not like living in a nursing home. It is their home, which they happen to be sharing with like-minded people who also desire the healthcare, meals, and social activities that are provided. However, when a resident needs more consistent around-the-clock healthcare or suffers an illness, Eldershare can help transition the resident to other living situations, particularly its affiliated nursing homes.

Who are my fellow residents?

Your fellow residents are likely a lot like you! Generally, residents living in our residences are above 60 years old, retired, and have decided for a variety of reasons, that they no longer wish to live in their own homes, or those of their families. Perhaps a spouse has passed away. Their children are working far away. Or, because their relatives are working, they just need someone to look after them and help them as they lead their daily lives.

These residences are not for severely ill people or people who need full-time nursing or medical care. Generally, residents are in adequate shape, but like all of us one day, they are slowing down, don’t want to deal with maintaining a home and need a little extra help from time to time. Living in an Eldershare residence is designed to help our elderly maintain as independent a life as possible while providing the care, comfort and services they need.

Can I bring all of my possessions with me to a residence?

No. Our residences are shared and therefore, not intended to be only one resident’s home. All Eldershare residences are fully furnished right down the pillows and blankets so there really isn’t anything to bring. Our residents typically only bring clothes and personal effects. We provide modest space to store items and residents are encouraged to be both reasonable and thoughtful in what they bring into their new home.

Where are Eldershare's residences located?

Residential units are located in and around the greater Kuala Lumpur area, in high quality, secure condominium communities that offer a variety of services for residents. Soon, we will be announcing new residences in the KL area along with Penang, Johor Baru, Ipoh and other cities and towns.

What is a Personal Care Assistant?

A Personal Care Assistant (PCA) is your on-site live-in caregiver. His or her priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents. Trained in certified nursing homes by doctors, the PCA helps residents with a variety of daily activities including bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, arranging activities, keeping the residence clean, doing laundry and keeping residents’ families updated on the status of their loved ones. The PCA also serves as the “house manager,” ensuring the residence is well-functioning and conducive to providing a relaxing, healthy and enjoyable stay for all residents. A PCA will also organise social activities, helping to ensure residents are physically and mentally active, and coordinate doctor, nurse and other professional visits. Having a PCA on site 24 hours a day gives our residents and their families confidence that all residents’ needs are taken care of and most importantly, peace of mind.

What if I become ill?

Eldershare residences are designed for older people who are generally healthy, and usually just need a little extra help with their daily lives. They are usually fairly independent.  However, as we age, we do sometimes get sick, and unfortunately, a variety of diseases may occur. If a resident becomes ill, our Personal Care Assistants (PCA) are trained to provide first aid, stabilising the resident. If it is that obvious medical attention is required, the PCA will immediately call a doctor or ambulance.

In some cases, it becomes evident that a resident is no longer suitable for Eldershare. When our on-staff doctors determine this is the case, they will work with residents’ families to determine the best course of action, which may be a nursing home. Because Eldershare is affiliated with certified, doctor-managed nursing home group, we can help ease the transition from Eldershare to an appropriate nursing home.

These are shared residences?

Yes, these are shared residences. Generally, only 4-6 seniors live in a residence. We provide a very homey and intimate environment where residents truly feel this is their own home, rather than being in a large “old folks home” or a nursing home.

By living in a shared residence, we find that seniors always have someone to interact with, if they wish, and are never lonely. The sad fact is, loneliness is the top concern of elderly people and their families, and we created ElderShare to help them stay social and stay healthy.

Most residences have three bedrooms or more and two full bathrooms or more. The size of the beds vary but generally are full-size beds and above.

We offer private rooms for one person or twin rooms which have two beds for two people. In a few cases, we may have a triple room–for three people to share–but only if the room is quite large.

What if I'm unhappy with my stay or my room?

We understand that moving into a new home is a big commitment, especially when it is for an older person, and it is a shared home. This is why we offer short-term promotional stays to try it out for a week or two and short-term leases of only three months. If a resident is unhappy with their stay and wishes to leave–and we’ll do everything we can to make sure they have a great stay–we will do our best to accommodate residents leaving, according to the terms of the lease. If we can find a replacement quickly for a resident’s bed, we will do our best to make that happen, but obviously cannot guarantee that.

If a resident wishes to change to another room, we will do everything we can to accommodate that in their existing residence, or in another residence that may be available.

Our goal is to ensure all residents have a happy and healthy stay. We’ll do everything we can to help our residents when their circumstances or needs may change.

When can I visit my loved one in an Eldershare residence?

Family and friends are encouraged to visit their elderly loved one as often as they please. These are certainly not institutions and we encourage family members and friends to come and go as they please, keeping in mind to be respectful during their visit given that 4-5 other residents may be living in your loved one’s home too. Generally, guests may visit after 9 am until 8 pm.


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